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Common Garage Door Questions

Expert Answers to a Few Garage Door Related Questions

This FAQ section aims to provide homeowners with answers to some of the most common garage door related questions out there. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Do I have the right springs?

It's always possible that the springs you have are not the right ones for your specific garage door. Although new systems are matched with proper springs, you never know what the previous owners of your house used or if they opted for cheaper, riskier substitutes. It's best that you consult our expert technicians to make sure your existing springs are adequately suited to your door.

How can I release my door from the electric opener?

Nowadays, industry guidelines dictate that every garage door opener is supposed to have an emergency release cord. These cords are usually red, which makes them almost impossible to miss. Their purpose is to allow you to use your door manually during emergency situations such as an unexpected power outage.

How long will my springs last?

There are variations among garage door springs in terms of their longevity. Although most of them last for about ten thousand cycles (a cycle is one full the opening and closing of the door) their lifespans can shorten or increase in direct correlation to their daily use. The more they are used, the less they'll last. Of course, springs can also suffer from various unexpected problems which will affect their lifespans accordingly.

How do I deal with dents in my garage door panels?

Garage doors are constantly exposed to the elements, and although every material can be subject to dents, aluminum doors are certainly the ones most susceptible. Smaller defects can be usually hidden by a fresh coat of paint, but big ones would often merit panel replacement. According to our experts, sometimes merely replacing the damaged section can be a viable option.

What is a carriage house garage door?

This type of door copies the appearance of houses from the 20th century that were built to house horse-drawn carriages. They can be made from different materials, such as wood, or steel with a faux wood surface. Although they appear to be able to swing open, these doors usually move up and down like regular garage doors.


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